Hello and welcome to Student Nurse Tutoring Service, a personalized online experience designed to supplement and enhance the nursing student’s education. Here you will be tutored by a teacher who is not grading you but is empowering you with skills and knowledge.  The services offered through this website are designed for nursing students from any educational program (Diploma, ADN, BSN, RN to BSN, RN to MSN & LPN to RN).  The goal is to help the student be successful in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment.  Techniques are utilized to help the student identify important content from nursing text books, understand test question construction, reduce test anxiety, improve writing skills, and learn effective time management.  You will learn how to use the nursing process as a way of thinking.  In partnering with an experienced, well educated nurse educator, you can expect to share and benefit from the knowledge and clinical experience obtained over many years of nursing practice and teaching.

Included on the web site are 2 educational assessments, one for learning styles and the other for math.   Once you have decided to partner with me and have purchased the service, the next step is answering the items on one or both Education Assessments.  The educational assessment results in creating an individualized unique study plan for each participant. The plan provides opportunities for personal communication with the tutor through online chat, e-mail or by phone appointment.  The fees are reasonable and packages are available. 

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