Please fill out one or both Assessments below as needed.

Learning Style Questionnaire

Please answer each item with the best response which most accurately relates to you. You may find that more than one (1) response seems to fit because people do learn using more than one approach, but people tend to favor one approach over others. Select only one (1) response for each item.

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1. Which of the following types of questions would you say is your favorite type of question:
2) Which of the following ideas do you prefer learning about?:
3) Which of the following learning experiences do you prefer?:
4) Which of the following learning activities do you find works best for you?:
5) What methods help you learn best?:

Math Assessment

In answering these items, providing your complete calculations (formulas used and conversions) will be helpful to determine where you may be having any difficulties with these types of questions.

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1) Calculate the ordered dose amount:
MD ordered: Pravastatin Sodium (Pravachol) 40 mg at bedtime
Drug available: Pravastatin Sodium (Pravachol) 10 mg tablets
How many tablets are needed?
2) Calculate the ordered dose amount:
MD ordered: Nitroglycerin (Nitrostat) 0.6 mg sublingually
Drug available: Nitroglycerin (Nitrostat) 1/100 gr
How many tablets are needed?
3) IV drip rate:
MD Ordered an infusion of 1000ml of NS over 8 hours.
Using an IV set that delivers 15 drops/ml, how many drops/min will you set the IV to deliver the appropriate volume?
4) IV drip rate:
IV of D5 NS at 150 ml/hour is ordered.
If the IV set delivers 30 drops/ml, how many hours will it take to infuse 1 liter of fluid?
5) Calculating dosage based on weight:
MD ordered: epoetin alfa (Epogen) 50 units/kg subcutaneously daily.
The drug available: epoetin alfa (Epogen) 10,000 units/ml.
The patient weighs 143 pounds.
How many units are needed for the correct dose?
How many milliliters are needed?:
6) Calculating drip rate from an ordered dose:
MD ordered the RN to infuse Dobutamine 250 mg in 500 ml D5W at 650 mcg/min.
What is the concentration of Dobutamine in each ml of ml D5W?:
MD ordered the RN to infuse Heparin 10,000 Units in 250 ml D5W at30 ml/hr.
How many drops/minute will you set the infusion regulator at if the IV set delivers 60 drops/ml?:

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