As the largest health care workforce sector, the nursing profession has enormous potential to improve the health of this nation. Nurses, lawmakers, national leaders, and the public are rallying behind a proposal to establish an Office of the National Nurse . Why do we need this federal position? First, our country is focused on a “sick care system” instead of a “health care system”. We need symbolic national leadership to begin a new philosophy and cultural shift to prevention in U.S. healthcare. It will be critical for the National Nurse to inspire other nurses to become involved at the local level through the Medical Reserve Corps, parish nurses and other existing entities who work to deliver health promotion and prevention activities in their own communities. Nursing programs have increased their enrollments to address the looming shortage of nurses. A proposed funding strategy for nursing education is the inclusion of nursing students who provide volunteer efforts with the current Presidential Candidates, as offering National Service, in return for tax credits for college tuition.

It is also being recommended that the existing CNO becomes the Office of the National Nurse. The title of National Nurse would give the existing CNO of the USPHS the authority, impetus, and recognition needed nationally to promote prevention. The office would portray an accurate picture of nursing leadership, as opposed to the media portrayal, and enhance the public‘s understanding of the critical role nurses play in society.  A stronger and more visible CNO serves several functions: providing education to the public regarding the various roles of nurses in public health; serve as a valuable recruitment tool during the shortage of public health and school nurses specifically and nursing generally.

There are many ways to learn more about the campaign for an Office of the National Nurse and lend your own voice in support.
Visit   Watch the You Tube video that makes the case for this position.   Submit your email to receive the newsletter and sign the petition.

Martin Luther King said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Don’t let your voice be silent; prevention is always preferred to the alternative and who better to deliver messages of prevention than the nation’s most trusted of all professionals-Nurses!

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